The Cloud Pod

--- Justin Brodley, Jonathan Baker, Ryan Lucas and Peter Roosakos ---

The Cloud Pod is your one-stop-shop for all things Public, Hybrid, Multi-cloud, and private cloud. Cloud providers continue to accelerate with new features, capabilities, and changes to their APIs. Let Justin, Jonathan, Ryan and Peter help navigate you through this changing cloud landscape via our weekly podcast.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. TCP Talks: Bring Order to your Monitoring with Mike Kelly - Bonus Ep1

    Justin Brodley and Jonathan Baker kick off our new TCP Talks bonus episodes with a chat with Mike Kelly, CTO at Blue Medora. Monitoring can be hard on-premises or in the cloud. As a result, it can be downright scary with multi-cloud strategies, hybrid cloud, and legacy tools. ...


  2. The Cloud Pod: A Masterclass in Cloud Architecture - Episode 56

    Your co-hosts move from the atmosphere to DigitalOcean as they recap the week in Cloud on this episode of The Cloud Pod. A big thanks to this week’s sponsors: Foghorn Consulting, which provides full stack cloud solutions with a focus ...